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Who are we?

Leading the Market in Corporate Gifting and Promotional Supplies TePee-X stands at the forefront as a distinguished wholesale provider, catering to businesses and organizations with an extensive range of Corporate Gifts, Promotional Items, Event Giveaways, and Advertising Prints. Our offerings extend to VIP Business Gift Sets and bespoke Logo Printing Services, ensuring a personalized touch for every client.

Our Inspiration

With renowned American Indian headbands, soothing peace pipes, and spiritual dreamcatchers, Native Americans have always mastered their crafts in their own special way, creating it fashionable and functional in one shot, but mostly, unique. The distinctive craftsmanship has made their identity clearly distinguished and memorable till today, and that's how our inspiration kicked in. Teepee-x, named after the Native American's artful home tents, is  indeed your home for distinctive gifts and giveaways with today's modernity, tailored specially to reflect who you are. With endless variety of selections and top-notch engraving & printing techniques, you can choose from our exclusive and top quality gift sets, print whatever you wish with ultimate precision, brand yourself like no other, and Make the day of your beloved people to stay memorable.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide robust, compelling promotional solutions that create new and strengthen existing relationships between brands and their target audiences. To that end, we promise our clients the following:


  • To source and/or manufacture our products in a professional and responsible manner—both domestically and abroad.

  • To constantly develop and innovate ways to help our customers build brand loyalty with their customers.

  • To keep up our status as early predictors of marketplace customs and trends by continuing to cultivate broad and deep partner connections.

  • To hire a team that has owned its skills working for a diverse group of the world’s leading companies, organizations & universities.

  • To offer Customer Service that is knowledgeable, dedicated and always on call—after hours, on weekends and holidays.

  • Our corporate mission is to stretch our skills to offer superior values to our clients and partners worldwide.

Native american tepee -x branding identity promotional materials supplier
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